Thursday, February 7, 2013

More liberal/conservative asymmetry

In a recent post, I discussed a survey that found that liberals were a little more likely to say that conservatives shared their values and goals than conservatives were to say that about li erals.  However, the difference wasn't statistically significant.  It turns out that that same question was asked in a survey a month later.  In this survey, the differences were stronger and significant.  44% of conservatives said that most liberals shared their values, while 56% of liberals said most conservatives shared their values.  (The difference is a little bigger--42% to 61%--if you use the sampling weights). 

The survey also asked about patriotism.  Only 4% of conservatives thought that liberals were usually more patriotic than conservatives, while 29% said they were less patriotic (61% said the same, ad the rest said they didn't know).  Liberals overwhelmingly (81%) said there was no difference:  10% of liberals said that conservatives were more patriotic, 6% said liberals were more patriotic.

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