Sunday, November 11, 2012

The March Into Socialism

Is support for socialism on the rise in America?  Looking at the outcome of the election, some  conservatives say yes (and aren't happy about it).  I remember some similar talk after 2008, but then it was forgotten in the wake of the 2010 election.  What's actually happening?  There haven't been many questions, but here's what I could find:

"The United States would be better off if it moved toward socialism"  (Research & Forecasts)
1982     20% agree, 72% disagree

"Would you say you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion towards each of the following ideas... socialism?"  (Comparative Study of National Character)
c. 1990  11% favorable, 32% depends, 50% unfavorable
"Just off the top of your head, would you say you have a positive or negative image of ... socialism?" (Gallup)  
2010   36% positive, 58% negative

"As I read a list of words and phrases, please tell me what your reaction is to each.  Do you have a positive or negative reaction to .... socialism" (Pew)
2010  29% positive, 59% negative
2011  31% positive, 60% negative

It's hard to be sure because of the changes in question wording, but it looks like Americans may have a more favorable view of socialism now than they did 20-30 years ago.   

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