Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New York, New York

In 1939, the Roper Organization asked people to choose from five statements giving their feeling about New York City.  In 1992, they repeated the same question.  The distribution of responses:

                                                   1939      1992
one of the best places in the world
    in which to work and live                       10%       4%
a good place to visit for a short time
   but I wouldn't want to work or live there        47%      45%
a good place to work & make money
  but no place to live                              11%      10%
a good place in which to live but no
  place to be in business                            1%       1%
one of the worst places in the world
  in which to work or live                           8%      21%
Don't know                                          22%      18%

The three mixed responses were about equally common on both occasions, but there was a big decline in "one of the best" and big increase in "one of the worst."  In 1992, New York  had just finished a couple of bad decades--it would be interesting to repeat the question today and see if its reputation has bounced back.

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