Saturday, September 1, 2012

Liberals and Conservatives Face the Final Curtain

The survey I mentioned in my post of August 6 also asked:  "On your deathbed, which ONE of the following will you most likely look back and think you should have done? 1. Taken more advantage of the years when you were single, 2. Spent money instead of saving it, 3. Been a better parent, 4. Quit your job, 5. Seen more of the world OR 6. Pushed for health care reform."  The most popular choice was "seen more of the world," at 52%, followed by "pushed for health care reform" (15%), "been a better parent" (14%), and taken more advantage of your single years (9%).  Few people chose the other options (6% had no answer, but unfortunately there's no breakdown into "don't know" and expecting to have no regrets).  I was surprised that health care reform ranked so high--maybe it was because there was nothing else about doing good to people outside your own family. 

21% of liberals chose "pushed for health care reform," compared to 18% of moderates and only 7% of conservative).  Liberals were also more likely to choose taken more advantage of their single years (12%, compared to 10% of moderates and 6% of conservatives).  Conservatives were more likely to choose "been a better parent" (21%, compared to 13% of liberals and 9% of moderates).   The differences on parenting vs. single years might show something about the psychological bases of political views, but I suspect that they arise because a significant number of people understand "liberal" and "conservative" as referring to lifestyle, not politics. 

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